Stop Sandfly Bites
F***  You Sandfly Bites!!!

Our Mission: Stop Sandfly bites

Stop sandfly bite now: Being hit by sandfly bites and the ensuing ordeal many times while flashpacking in Asia we have found ourselves searching for a complete, reliable and trustworthy platform for information  and tips on sandfly bites, sandflies in general and the options to prevent, treat and heal them.

We didn’t find a website like this – so we thought we can create it ourselves.

All around Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia we have talked to countless locals, went to all kinds of pharmacies and medical centres. We tried everything we heard of: lotions, oils, sprays and several homemade remedies to cure our sandfly bites. We have roamed the internet for even the tiniest travel forums that might hold an unknown sandfly bite treatment or cure and we now consider us experts.

With this page we are giving you everything you need to know for the right sandfly bites treatment- whether it is to avoid them in the first place or to give help in acute situations. Stop sandfly bite!

Sandflies are all over the world: If you love to travel you unfortunately you will meet sandflies e.g. in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Australia and New Zealand.

We are Daniel and Ilka, a thirty something couple from Germany with an insatiable thirst for travelling, exploring and seeing as much as we can from the world. We take our backpacks out as often as possible and have no intention to ever stop this.

We have an honest desire to help fellow backpackers and flashpackers to a quick relief from their sandfly bites so that they can go on and enjoy travelling to the fullest. Because we know more than perfectly well how absolutely awful sandflies bites are and how important it is to find the right sandfly treatment straight away.

We hope you will find help on

Keep on travelling – the world is a better place with backpackers in it!

Stop sandfly bite now!!