F***  You Sandfly Bites!!!

Treat and Heal Sandfly Bites (Treatment): How to stop sandfly bites itching

It happened – is there anything I can do? Keep calm and carry on… Our best sandfly bite treatment!

Ok, it happened: You sat down at this beach (because it was just the most beautiful one there was), you have taken your eyes off of your legs (because the sunset was just too stunning not to look at it), you have closed your eyes just for a second (because the breeze on your face was just too gentle) – and – BAM – they gotcha!!!

You have felt the burning sting, you still tried to smash it, but you were too late.

Sandflies have bitten you and the swollen red spots on your skin leave no doubt about it. The itching will start in a bit and hell is about to break loose.

You need to find the right sandfly bite treatment – RIGHT NOW!!!

But don’t worry – on the following pages we will tell you everything you need to know to not go insane and find the sandfly bite treatment that is just right for you.

Please note:

Different people react differently, some people erupt in hives and intense itchiness when at the same time for some people a sandfly bite is not much more than a mosquito bite – or they don’t even get bitten in the first place.

Unfortunately there have been very few studies on why humans react so differently. This could help to find the right sandfly bite treatment but the research is not at this point yet.

Mainly there are two different theories:

1: the bite rate of sandflies is depending on the own odour, the body heat and the blood type of every person

2: the bite rate of sandflies is depending on the amount of carbon dioxide that a person exhales

Until today it is not clear, which of these 2 aspects might be the more dominant one.

There have been some therapies trying to install allergen-desensitising treatments. The good thing is: there are successes. The bad thing is: the first results of an desensitising drop in after around 10.000 sandfly bites… So the reality of voluntarily taking part in this therapy is very, very small – unless you might carry a masochistic side in you.

So let’s take a look at the more common ways to take care of you sandfly bites and find the matching sandfly bite treatment for you.