F***  You Sandfly Bites!!!

Sandflies are all over the world: If you love to travel or backpacking you unfortunately you will meet sandflies e.g. in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Australia and New Zealand

Geographical distribution: You will find sandflies in many countries!

Sandflies occur most throughout the tropics and sub-tropics, as well as in temperate zones. They are often found at beaches and the edges of lakes or swamps.  There are many countries which are popular for backpackers (like you) You will find sandflies in the following countries in South East Asia: Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and Vietnam.  Sandflies occur in Africa, where it is an important vector in certain regions, Europe (particularly the Mediterranean region), the Middle East and Asia (particularly the Indian subcontinent). Several sand fly species are present in Europe, and in recent years, their range has increased.

New Zealand is known as one of THE sandfly countries: The New Zealand blackfly occurs in the North Island and around the coasts of the South Island. The West Coast blackfly is confined to the South Island, where it is a nuisance.

The West Coast and Fiordland are infamous for their sandflies. The terminus of the Milford Track, where trampers board the ferry to Milford Sound, is called Sandfly Point. Special Tip: You will find more Information about Sandfly in New Zealand here: Sandfly Map is an app which allows travellers and locals to report sandfly hotspots around New Zealand.

Australia: Sandflies might be a problem all along the Sunshine Coast in Australia

Thailand: Please take care especially in Koh Phayam, Koh Kood, Koh Chang and Koh Mak

Singapore: Coney Island (Pulau Serangoon) -Coney Island is the hottest thing in Singapore now—a new island in the small country, packed with nature so nature that…you’ll encounter a cow, and sandflies that you might not be familiar with.  Sandflies are usually found near sandy areas like the beach.

Cambodia: Paradise Islands rippled with Sandflies-  Koh Rong (Otres Beach) and Koh Rong Somlem