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Amazing benefits of coconut oil for sandfly bites and how to use it

A summary of coconut oil and sandfly bites

Coconut oil has many benefits for preventing and treating sandfly bites. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic nature helps in dealing with the swelling and pain encountered after an insect bite.

Coconut oil, when applied to bug bites, forms a thin layer on the affected area of the skin which helps protect it from any bacteria. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil prevent any germs from entering the body through the bite. At the same time, the coconut oil uses its anti-inflammatory properties to help provide relief from the itchiness that’s driving your little one crazy. It soothes the skin and removes the itching.

Due to its anti-microbial behaviour, infections and diseases spreading through insects are prevented. It also acts as an excellent repellent of insects and used in many creams and lotions to resist insects. It is easily available and considered safe to apply.

Use coconut oil to prevent sandfly bites.

Coconut oil has acquired the status of a superfood in the last years! Coconut oil is a healthy fat and people around the world are only now recognising the benefits of consuming it with their meals. New research has now said that coconut oil can also double up as a home remedy for a very common problem- insect bite. The study, which was published in the journal Scientific Reports, said that coconut oil is a better and more effective insect repellent than DEET, which is an active ingredient in several commercially available insect repellents. You can use coconut oil to prevent mosquitos as well.

How To Keep Sandflies and mosquitos away? One of the best way to use coconut oil to prevent sandfly bites on the beach. It is easy: Apply coconut oil on your skin. It acts as an insect repellant.  Nothing we have tried, and we have tried so many, many products for sand flies, have had a better effect on reducing the bites. Now oil does not necessarily repel the flies (noseeums/ black flies/ sand fleas) but creates an oil barrier on your skin that the little buggers tend to get trapped in and this prevents them from biting you.

Try it out! There is no risk! Use coconut oil to prevent sandfly bites.

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