Here are our TOP 5 FACTS to always keep in mind about sandflies

Our top 5 facts about sandflies

1) Sandflies get very active just before it rains
Have a close look on what’s going on in the sand rather than looking up to the sky as soon as you notice it is getting cloudy. Don’t be irritated by watching the clouds.
2) Sandflies hatch at dawn and dusk but they go away at night because they can’t see in the dark
The simple conclusion of this is that in the mid-day sun you can most likely enjoy the beach without being bothered – BUT: always apply a high sunscreen and best bring a parasol. Don’t expose yourself to the sun unprotected! It might help you with sandfly bites but skin cancer is not the best thing in exchange, isn’t it?
But as soon as the sun starts to sink you might want to consider taking your sundowner on the wooden deck of the beach bar instead of drinking it with the feet in the sand.

3) Sandflies are very small after all and they can’t fly in the wind
If you have the chance to choose between a spot on the beach where you might be sheltered from the wind and a more exposed place: roll your towel out in the breeze. Believe us: rather put up with a bit of sand in your sandwich and magazines than being tortured at night through sandfly bites. The wind is your friend in keeping sandflies away from you.
4) Sandflies appear in swarms
Whenever you see one sandfly you can be 100% sure that there are more of them waiting for your blood. They are like very stupid but very mean lemmings.
5) Sandflies stick to their locations
This is one good thing: once you have seen one sandfly it might be enough to move your towel 100m down the beach. You can be succesful and probably find a spot where you can keep on sunbathing without being eaten alive.
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