Wearing the right beachwear will help to prevent getting bitten by a sandfly.

We all love a vacay wardrobe. But next to the fact that bermudas und shirts looks best on tanned skin there is another benefit to spending thoughts on what to pack and how to dress:
Different colors have different effects on sandflies.
So the right clothing is important. If you dress in the right colours the chances might be that you are one less attractive victim for sandflies than maybe the others sunbathers on the beach. The tips on sandfly fashion are quite easy to follow and might not be hard to play out.
Here is what has come out through our experience and various experiments:
  • sandflies are drawn towards dark colours
  • the darker the colours the more the attract sandflies
  • black, blue and red are the number 1 favourite colours for sandflies
  • brown, dark-green and purple are less tempting for them
  • white, yellow, mid-grey and light green are the best choice to dress
Of course the best way to completely avoid to get bitten is to dress in long tops and long bottoms – but to be honest: this is not a practical way to enjoy the hot temperatures.
So you might take the color recommendations into consideration when you choose what to wear.
White bed sheets make a safe spot
An additional trick to get less attention of sandflies is to take a big white bed sheet (the larger the better) with you to the beach to place on the sand before you roll out your towels. This will make your tanning spot a white cube. As we have learned sandflies are repelled by light colors so the extra effort of carrying a bed sheet to the beach will help you to keep sandflies away from you.
Of course this is not a 100% guarantee and some sandflies will find the way to you anyway. But with the white bed sheet you will be able to spot the sandflies easier than without the white underground.
And by the way: a white bed sheet is a great way to keep the sand away from your belongings…
So this tip against sandfly bites comes with a beneficial side effect…
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