Sandflies Koh Kood

Sandflies on Koh Kood (Ko Kut)

Sandflies on Koh Kood (Ko Kut): You will find sandflies on nearly all wonderful beaches of Koh Kood

You need to get yourself to beautiful Koh Kood! White sand, rustic-chic beach shacks, a hammock gently swaying between two palm trees as a turquoise sea laps at the shore. It’s not exactly untouched,  great for jungle trekking, and you can easily get from here to the smaller, secluded islands of the archipelago. It’s also getting popular with those who want to hop over to Siem Reap after a week in Thailand. Koh Kood is our favorit island in Thailand. There many awsome beaches around the buitiful island.

But: On Koh Kood are sooooo many sandflies – you can not belive! We visited all of the beautiful beaches and found them everywhere: 😈😈😈

Ao Tapao beach, Ao Noi beach, Klong Chao beach, Ngamkho Beach. Sai Daeng beach, Bangbao Beach, Takian beach, Klong Hin beach, Ao Jak beach, Ao Phrao beach. BE AWARE. Many Sandflies on Koh Kood!

🚨 SOS: Sandfly bites quick help 🚨

What are the first steps to take after I got a new sandfly bite?

The first thing you should do after a new sandfly bite is apply heat to the sandfly bite. This will destroy the proteins of the histamine in the salvia of the sandflies, which initially causes the itching. Our top tip to do so is the “bite away“ bite pen, which heats up to 51°C, and is very safe to use. You can also use a towel and very hot water

But take care not to hurt yourself!!!

Can I do anything to prevent sandflies from biting?

No, there is nothing you can do or apply on your skin that will 100% prevent sandflys to bite you.You can apply coconut oil on your skin to make it harder for the sandfly to land on you Sandflies have also difficulties to bite through the lubricating oil film of the coconut oil.

Use Deet!

Is there anything that will completely stop the itching of sandfly bites?

There are several really good sprays and lotions to put on the bite afterwards
As the itching is caused by the histamine in the salvia of the sandfly you can get anti-histamine-tablets in the pharmacy, which will help you a lot (also they will make you a but tired)

How long do they last?

Every sandfly bite heals differently depending on your sensitivity and on the spot you have been hit. The less you touch (or scratch) the sandfly bite, the quicker it will be healed off
In general it can be said that it take around 3 days until 1,5 weeks. But check out our amazing tips, which will help you getting over the sandfly bite

Are sandfly bites dangerous?

In most of the cases sandfly bites are a real pain in the neck but in some cases there might be possibilities to carry diseases. Plz take a look to WHO. We have put together hygiene tips to be prepared for bites (and other situations) even on the beach here…

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