Bite away: Our No 1 tip to treat sandfly bites

This is our number one recommendation for treating sandfly bites!!!

The best way to get over sandfly bites is to stop the itching with heat. The effectiveness of this method is direct, quick and effective! Heat destroys the proteins in the salvia of the flies, which gets into your skin when you are bitten. But: when travelling and when on the beach the chance that you have access to hot water is very rare.
So there is a tiny but very, very effective way to use the same method but in a different and much more handy way.
The BITE AWAY STICK is a small electronic device not much bigger than a permanent marker. It really fits in every pocket and weighs next to nothing. It has a little round ceramic tip, which is heated up to 49°C and 53°C by pressing a little button.
So when you feel that you have a new sandfly bite, take the BITE AWAY STICK, place the little ceramic round on the bite as soon as possible, press the button, keep the hot tip of the BITE AWAY STICK on the bite for for 5 seconds and it will offer you an effective treatment of sandfly bites.
So here is a summary:
New sandfly bite – BITE AWAY STICK for 5 seconds – sandfly bite gone!
Yes, it might hurt a little because the tip of the BITE AWAY STICK gets really hot. In our opinion the pain of the BITE AWAY STICK is quite similar to the feeling of getting a new tattoo. And as the heat of the BITE AWAY STICK only lasts 5 seconds it is very easy to handle.
You can even repeat the use of the BITE AWAY STICK when a bite turns out to be very nasty.
The most popular electronic bite stick is offered by RIEMSER PHARMA and comes with the option to choose for 2 levels of skin. You have an option for children and for sensitive skin (approx. 3 seconds of heat) and for adults (approx. 5 seconds of heat).
Please keep in mind: the effectiveness and the complete absence of ANY chemical makes the BITE AWAY STICK our NUMBER 1 TIP!!!
The BITE AWAY STICK costs around 20€ and is worth every cent spent on it.
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  • celine
    Posted at 03:46h, 14 Mai Antworten

    i’ve just been victim of a sand fly attack and even though we carry a bite a way with us it’s impossible to ‚burn‘ all the bites…. a local here in panama recommended applying vinegar on the bites to stop the itching. and there with refrain from scratching, which is the utter worst thing to do. vinegar is helping a lot and giving me some peaceful hours!

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