Treat sandfly bites: Anti-histamine tablets

Histamine Pills: The very last option for treating sandfly bites

This is a tip we would only recommend as a last step and ONLY AND ALWAYS in consultation with a pharmacist or doctor!
This is a last step to take and we are herewith pointing out that you should always take it as a very, very last option (for example if you are experiencing allergic reactions!!!)
But: once we were hit by an armada of approx. 20 sandfly bites on our legs and the itching was driving us completely insane. No more sleeping at night, no free thoughts, only the urgent need to scratch the legs and we had scratched the bites open and the liquid was coming out. This would go on for days and days. We couldn’t bear to relief us from the itching and the pain.
So we decided to take use of anti-histamine pills we could buy in a pharmacy after we had a consultation with the pharmacist.
The reason for the intense itching and swelling caused by sandfly bites is the histamine in the salvia of the sandflies. By taking anti-histamine tablets you will have the direct counterpart to this factor, which is causing the itching in the first place.
It will give you a safe relief of the swelling and the itching.
As a negative side effect the tablets can make you tired and you should always stick to the instructions of your pharmacist and the printed leaflet when it comes to driving and handling machines!!!
But we would like to point out once more:
To use anti-histamine tablets against sandfly bites should always be a last step and never taken without consultation of a pharmacist or doctor.
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