Hot water – a solution for healing sandfly bites super fast

Hot water is an easy way to treat sandfly bites if you discover them quickly after the bite

The reason for the intense itching and swelling is the histamine in the salvia of the sandflies.
They also drop agglutinins proteins in the human blood, which make the blood easier to digest for the sadnflies. And this mixture of histamine and protein is causing the itching, scratching and swelling. But proteins have a characteristic we can take advantage of. Proteins are not resistent to heat. This is where one of the most effective treatments for sandfly bites jumps in.
You can destroy these bad and itching proteins in the bite when you heat them up over 45°C. You can do this with the help of hot water. Once the proteins are destroyed the itching will be decreased.
There are two main ways how to take advantage of the hot water:
  1. Run a teaspoon under very hot water then apply the back of it to the itchy spot until it gets very, very hot and you can hardly take the heat.
  2. Take a pot of very hot water and dip a corner of a towel into it. Then take it out and press the hot towel firmly on the bite.
Both ways will help you a lot to stop the itching and reduce the pain. You can repeat these treatments if one time is not enough.
BUT: be careful not to overdo it and not to burn yourself with the hot water/hot teaspoon. Hot water is a dangerous thing and you can easily hurt yourself!!! Never use boiling water and ALWAYS HANDLE THIS METHOD WITH CARE!!!
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